Players Still Playing Diablo 4 Beta After it Ended – News

I additionally ran into other players that were embedded my area, and we have actually been quite much waiting on one of the public occasions to respawn and after that doing that since the Beta finished, still obtaining loot, XP and also even levels!

Yep, that’s me, right there getting struck by the big werewolf, other than I’m entirely invisible-and not since of a video game auto mechanic either.


Well, it appears Sanctuary is not going down without a battle! After Diablo 4’s Early Accessibility Beta finished around a hr ago, some (all?) gamers that were still in the video game were not rejected and also were able to continue playing!

It’s been an enjoyable little added bit of time with the Beta, yet with a totally invisible character, embedded that one zone, I believe it may be time to go on. Yet I make sure lots of will remain in for as lengthy as they can, simply to see how lengthy it considers Blizzard to kick us all out. As for playing the actually complete Beta once again, we’ll all have to wait up until following weekend to return in, as well as this moment obtain to check out 2 more courses!

I located myself in this position as well, and also initially assumed it was one more Globe Employer daylight financial savings time mishap, however after running about for a while I noticed I might stagnate to one more area of the map, as the rubber banding/loading was limitless, and also I can not press through. Well, I guess the servers are boiling down soon after that I believed, but it’s been around 40 minutes ever since and also the video game is still significantly playable. Well, type of. You can not truly leave whichever part of the map you remained in when the Beta ended, which in my case indicated I can’t enter into community, as well as after a few fatalities in an event (which still stand out up typically from time to time), well, my character type of… left.

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