TK Fashion Group GmbH Files for Bankruptcy Amid Industry Crisis: German Fashion Retailers Forced to Cut Back

Lots of german style stores have to reduce when faced with the present situation.
With the tk style group GmbH, the next chain now needed to register personal bankruptcy.


The company of the firm established in 2014 must continue without limitations, as the textile industry learned.

Bankruptcy manager is the attorney Dr.
Liner Bar from the WHITE & instance legislation firm, which was currently in charge of the bankruptcies of Esprit and also Bertie.

tk style group is financially troubled: operation should be continued

The reasons for the financial problems are the repercussions of Corona pandemic and the war in Ukraine.
The number of consumers had subsequently gone down substantially, while the costs of power and Co. climbed.
However, consumers don’t need to fret for the time being.
The locations stay open and orders online are fulfilled according to the order, as attorney Frank Legal confirms.
The salaries of the 135 staff members are currently also protected by the insolvency cash.
A restoration strategy should currently be created.
It is still unclear whether work have to be broken down straight.

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