Interview: Aspirations of New LCK Announcers Ham Ye-jin-Bae Hye-ji for the 2023 Spring Season

The 2023 LCK Spring has a lot of changes, but the most prominent part of the externally is the change of announcer like the mascot of LCK.
Lee Jong-un and Soon Soon’s announcer were missing, and a new face called Ham Yeo-jin and BAE Henri joined.

It’s only about a month now, so it’s definitely a lack of lack, but Ham Yeo-jin, BAE Henri announcer who is saying that it is getting better every week.
I was able to listen to their ambitions and preparations toward their LCK.

Q. As it is the first time, please introduce yourself.

Ham Yeo-jin: Ham Yeo-jin announcer who has joined the 2023 season.
I still lack a lot, but I’m happy to participate in the interview.

BAE Henri: I will join this spring split, but thank you.

Q. What did you do before joining LCK?

Ham Yeo-jin: I was attending a general office worker, but I was preparing for the broadcast while thinking about my career.
He is still doing newscasters, and this time he has joined the LCK announcer.

BAE Henri: KBS weather casters and live commerce have been a career, and this time, I joined the LCK.

Q. esports would have been very unfamiliar, how was the image of esports?

BAE Henri: I have experienced the League of Wang Jae-young.
Since then, I didn’t have a relationship, but I went to see the summer final last year.
A lot of people gathered together to enjoy the game and felt that esports became a culture.
When I felt the scene myself, I thought I could enjoy it together.
So I felt so good when I heard the news of joining.

Ham Yeo-jin: I loved playing games since I was young.
The roll started in 2016, but I stopped because of the high barriers to entry, but once I started over the barrier, I enjoyed 6-8 hours in one place.
My brother likes the game, so I learn a lot, and I go to the PC room with my friends.

Q. Enjoying and broadcasting are different.
How do you feel when you are decided as an announcer?

BAE Henri: I was a little scared and afraid at first.
The friends who played the game together were really worried.
The bush was teased by a child who nailed properly (laughs).

However, I wondered if I could enjoy the game even if I was bronze like me, and it would be helpful to create an intuition and enjoy a culture.
I thought there would be fans who supported the fear and fear from the challenge.
I am studying a lot while watching the interviews and analysis desk videos that the announcers who have been active in the meantime.

Ham Yeo-jin: I enjoyed the game, but it is very different to do and broadcast.
As Roll champs has a history of 10 years, I think it’s overwhelming to study many things in a short time.
There are still many shortcomings, but Soon Soon and BAE Henri announcer have helped a lot and advised me how to study.
He is also watching players to learn about the history of champions and LOL.

Q. What was the hardest thing about studying?

BAE Henri: For those who are familiar with Roll champs, there were a lot of strange things for me.
Personally, I tried to support the Ash, but I only wrote the palace as I did it (laughs).
However, it was amazing that Keri an players were meticulously checked with Ash.

It is in the process of getting to know that.


And fans use a lot of memes, but they don’t know the memes yet.
KBS, who works as a weather caster, is a public broadcast, so there is an awkward part because it rarely used memes or abbreviations.
I am studying separately what is the hot issue of this team and what the players are.
There are fans who look good at that, so they are very powerful.
I feel too much to learn.

Ham Yeo-jin: The LCK history is very long, and it was difficult to learn abbreviation or professional terms, as BAE Henri announcer said.
There are quite a few times when viewers don’t understand their abbreviations or professional terms when watching.
At that time, I asked my acquaintances, and I’m looking for the height of the athletes.

Q. What is the reaction of fans?

Ham Yeo-jin: I heard a lot of bad reactions.
I heard it because I was lacking, so I think I can show a lot while improving.
I hope you will give you a little more time and support you.
As the league proceeded on New Year’s Day, I dressed in a harbor, and the fans gave the nickname ‘Ye Jin-ah’.
It’s your favorite nickname.
I want to push ‘Ye Jin-ah’ (laughs).

BAE Henri: I look at the interview with YouTube comments.
So far, the most memorable comments of the comments were that the voice was “ a fish market. ”
Perhaps it was so amazing to meet the players in the interview, so I couldn’t control the tension.

Originally higher, it has been a bit more restrained.
Personally, I felt like a festival with fans while intuition of LCK.
I want to interview with the hearts of such fans.
And the fans gave the nickname ‘Full Sister’, but I don’t know what it means (laughs).
And each player has a different personal charm.
The tension seems to have increased because I want to draw out the charm of the players in the interview and create an interview that can shine the players.

Q. How much is the roll?
Tier, what is the main position?

BAE Henri: I only played a regular game for about 4 years.
Rank is now Bronze 4.
Mainly play the jungle and do a lot of nocturnes.

Ham: I haven’t turned the rank game yet.
I do a lot with my friends in a regular game.
When I first learned the roll, it was hard to adjust the range a lot.
So when I was a bottom duo with my brother, my brother told me to take 6 rap and use the ultimate.
In the meantime, when I was shooting, I saw the PD doing Seraphic supporters, but Seraphic looked so fun.
I want to do a paraffin support.

Q. What is the most memorable after joining LCK?

Ham Yeo-jin: The first interview ‘Closer’ interview is memorable.
In the confrontation between Hanna Life and Live Sandbox, most of them had predicted victory, but in the end, the Live Sandbox won, and the sandstorms were not beginning.
At the time of the interview, I remember a clear smile.
There seems to be a pity that I could not draw that part more.

BAE Henri: I remember dancing with T1 ‘Keria-Kuma Sushi’.
Before the start, I asked Beria if he could dance.
He appealed that he had practiced being together.
But when I went into the interview, I remember that I would like to do OMG.

The players are so grateful for the interviews.
It is also memorable that the ‘Canyon’ player is with ‘Deft’.
Thank you so much for responding.

Q. I have been in progress for about a month now, what do you feel so far?

Ham Yeo-jin: I feel like developing little by little.
At first, I was nervous, and it was difficult to interview the players and the progress was poor.
It is a period of adaptation to broadcasting as the tension is relaxed.

BAE Henri: It’s really fun to come to Roll Park.
I hope the fans will come more, and I hope you enjoy it a lot.
I think I should ask the fans what I want, and I’m insane to adapt, but now I have been acquainted with many people, and I feel like I’m adapting to the mood.

Q. Is there a greedy content?

BAE Henri: I’m watching the tongue turtles so much.
But if you appear in person, I want to go to Coline Night and draw out the players a little more.
‘Dan gun’ and ‘Hung’ are doing well.
If you can go directly, you are confident that you will be a party.
I can’t sleep (laughs).

Ham Yeo-jin: I want to go to the tongue turtle.
It was so fun that I grabbed the belly button.
There is still a no-jam character image, and I want to release my meal.
And personally, I recommend Henri’s sister in Löllingite (laughs).

Q. Do you want to meet when you go to an international competition?

BAE Henri: I want to meet a ‘mark’ player rather than a foreign player.
I would like to ask you a good request for ceremonies, and you are good at adaptation abroad or whether the LCK is not missed.

Ham Yeo-jin: I am also a ‘mark’ player.
I want to see Lee Shin Cart of the ‘Mark’ player.

Q. What advice did you have by Soon Soon announcer?

BAE Henri: The biggest help to prepare was that you should know the real name of the players.
In fact, when interviewing the players, it was a great help because it often talked with real name than ID.

Ham Yeo-jin: I always came to the scene even on the day without broadcast.
Run Soon announcer helped me why this scene is important, what kind of comment I have to ask, and what my fans are curious about.
And he organizes the comment that Soon Soon’s announcer did and sends it directly to Dantokbang.
Looking at it, I feel a lot about what the scene I say.

Q. I’m curious about the future plan.

Ham Yeo-jin: I think I’ve only shown it, so I will prepare hard and try hard to pick up the questions of my fans and to be a connection bridge between fans and players.
The important thing is that it is not broken.
I want to be together for a long time in LCK.

BAE Henri: I have prepared hard before the league, but I have not shown more.
I will prepare hard with my affection for the players.

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