How to Play Metroid Prime Remastered on Nintendo Switch with Gamecube Controller: A Guide

A couple of days ago the dream of many Nintendo players has been fulfilled, since Metro Prime Remastered for Switch was officially launched, a classic of past generations that returns with aesthetic changes.
And some followers of yesteryear would like to replicate the adventure regarding the way of playing with a Game cube control.
Fortunately, playing this possible through a buttons’ configuration that has the game in its menus, since you can change details to feel the experience very close to the original.
Of course, there is no native connection with said device.
In addition, you have to count on the USB adapter used to play titles such as Super Smash Bros.
Here are the steps that Nintendo Life provided media:
-First you have to enter the game configuration.
Then you have to press the button (-) and then l to open the options’ menu.
-Then you have to select the control option and move the Stick to the right to the classical configuration.
That is the basic base of Game cube controls.
-Now right side options will appear.
And you have to move down until you find the legend of exchanging entrances X and Y. And that must be put on.
Thus, Morph Ball will be assigned to X and missiles A y, like the original.
-Then you have to go to the original map button and select ZR;
This will open the map screen by pressing Start/Pause or the Z button in Game cube control.

Something that must be taken into account at the end, is the detail that the button (-) is left over with respect to Game cube, so it is preferable to use some unofficial that have more buttons.
Using an original does not make much sense, since for now there is nothing to do.
At least an update for the future thinking about this configuration.


Via: Nintendo Life
Editor’s note: It is a bit complex to have shared this if in the end you will not be able to enter the pause menu.
Even so, trying it would not be more to remember those years of the beginning of the 2000s.

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