Sega Sammy Financials: Sonic Frontiers and Persona 5 Royal Fall Short of 3 Million Sales Target


Sega Sammy unveiled its outcomes for the present fiscal year, specifically the period from April to December 2022. sega revised its objectives to the rest of the if Sonic Frontiers and Persona 5 Royal offered satisfaction
Domestic computer game (consoles, PC, mobile) presently has a much better fiscal year than the previous one with a turnover of 1 billion euros and a functional earning of 238 million euros, however Sega lowered its
objectives due to a little less great than expected sales
There is at least one who has absolutely nothing to blame himself for, it is Sonic Frontiers, which totals 2.9 million copies distributed on December 31
SEGA is also satisfied with the sales of Personality 5 Royal, which has 1.3 million copies distributed on the same date on its new platforms (PS5, Xbox Series, Steam and switch) knowing that these sales are added to the 2 million already
Made previously on PS4

sonic and personality satisfactions

For the rest, however, sales have not totally fulfilled expectations
Between April and December 2022, the publisher distributed 20.7 million video games, with a 66% ratio for download
The annual goal which was to sell 34.2 million video games was reduced to 28.2 million (which will always be a little much better than the 27.2 million in the previous year)
Regarding the distribution volumes between April and December, the Sonic franchise leads the dance with 6.7 million games offered, in front of Personality (2 million), Total War (1.7 million) and Like A Dragon (1.7 million)

The upcoming release of Like A Dragon: Shin should make it possible to quickly surpass the 2 million mark by the end of the on March 31
In the free-to-play department, Hatsune Miku: Colorful Stage stays the main contributor in front of Phantasm Star Online 2: New Genesis and Sega Pocket Club Supervisor
The Free-to-Play created a turnover of 336 million euros in between April and December, not far from traditional games (395 million euros)
Keep in mind that the entire Sega Sammy group has actually improved its goals for the entire, generally thanks to the Pacino/Machismo sector
The group’s annual monetary year should be concluded on a turnover of 2.7 billion euros, a functional earning of 322 million euros and a net revenue of 225 million euros
Sega Sammy results
Period |
Turnover |
Functional advantage |
Net profit
April 2021-December 2021 |
1.6 billion euros |
230.8 million euros |
208.2 million euros
April 2022-December 2022 |
1.9 billion euros |
270.5 million euros |
232.3 million euros.

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