Introducing Firebuddy: Millio, League of Legends First Champion Arriving in 2023!

League of Legends is gradually returning to normal after the cyberattack suffered by Riot Games a few weeks ago.
This problem interrupted a series of developer activities, such as Patches 13.2 releases, replaced by 13.1b, and 13.3, as well as consequences for other games as well, such as Valorant.
Soon, news like HRI and Aurelio Sol’s Reworks will arrive at MOB, as well as the long-awaited first 2023 champion, the charming Ital support, Million.

Million, the first champion of 2023

A video of just over 30 seconds has been published by the popular Skin Spotlights Canal, which usually shows in detail the new content involving visual changes and reaches LOL every 15 days, such as skins, game modes and new characters.
In the teaser we can see Million’s fire buddy, which is basically a ball that jumps through the map and can also have a fire appearance.

This small creature seems to be very aligned with the previously publicized image of Million’s setting, which showed three spheres of fire.
Check out the video below:
Million was officially announced by Riot Games in August 2022, when his development was confirmed.
I’m glad to say that right now, at the beginning of development, we have a new ITAL charming, said Ryan Reav3 Micelles, former chief producer of champions and current chief gameplay producer.
Ital is the LOL region that has fewer champions, only six: Diana, Malachite, Need, Rear, Middle and Lyra.


The place was presented along with the release of Diana, which is quite glamorous.
However, Riot states that Million will show a very different side of the region, far from the luxurious palaces where Diana was born.
Other information that the community has about Million so far is: he will be a character linked to the element of fire, being a kind of healer, that his appearance makes him look like a Aliyah younger other and that his
Mechanics will be inspired by the Pokémon Sorbonne, which belongs to the 8th generation and is also fire.

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