How To Overcome Team Go Rocket Leaders In Pokemon Go: A Step-By-Step Guide For February 2023

Once you collect enough mysterious components to build Radar Rocket, you can locate Team Go Rocket leaders.
They are difficult, but this guide will help you learn how to beat Carlo in Pokémon Go.

How to overcome the leader of Team Go Rocket, Carlo, in Pokémon Go

First, we must see what Mons Carlo has on his team.

The first is always the same, but opponents two and three may vary considerably.
Here are all possible Pokemon:
Pokémon 1
Iran (poison)
Pokémon 2
Graciously (rock/grass)
Croats (flying/poison)
steel ix (steel/earth)
Pokémon 3
Sailor (bug/steel)
Harvard (fire/flying)
Armando (bug/rock)

Carlo Fatally 1

It may seem an exaggeration against such a weak Pokémon, but it is better to throw everything you have to avoid using shields.
Iran is a faint-hearted that can be easily defeated by a strong type of earth.
Even Mons that are not terrestrial can work well here whenever they cause enough damage quickly.
Better selections: Hyperion, Excedrin, Mega Yards, Di alga, Radon

Carlo Fatally 2

This fossil Pokémon can easily be sent to the Stone Age with the help of an error type or capable.
Sailor is the easiest to get here, but any version of Gene sect will serve.
And, of course, Steel’s Mega/Error version will do the trick.
Better selections: Cobain, Mega Sailor, Gene sect (any version), Heat ran, Sailor
The best options against Carlos Croat are rock or Steel Pokémon.
There are some ice and electric monsters such as Aurora and Mega Amparo that are also solid options.
You just don’t try to get elegant.
A powerful Traitor will easily take care of this battle.
Better selections: Traitor, Mega Steel ix, Mel metal, Giro ck, Mega Yards
steelix is one of Carlo’s most dangerous Pokémon.
It can be eliminated with relative rapidity, but can also hit that short time.
The land, fire and fighting counters can eliminate Steel ix in a battle one by one with all the same things (maximum shields, complete HP).
Better selections: Mega Swam pert, Cobain, Excedrin, Groupon, Soluble

Carlo Fatally 3

Charizard and Rocks have never got along very well.
Use it in your favor to eliminate the most popular Kant initiator.
The water and electric Pokémon will also work here, since they are strong enough such as Mega Swam pert and Haiku.
Better selections: governing, master, mega swam pert, haiku, mega pterodactyl
As intimidating as it can be a superpowers sailor, having a solid fire type counter causes this final battle.
Don’t even consider anything more than your best fire type Pokémon to end Carlo.
Better selections: Heat ran, Ho-Oh, Mega Harvard and, Mega Blacken, Yeshiva
This Pokémon Rock and Error plays an interesting role in Carlo’s alignment.
It is certainly not as strong as some other options available to Carlo, but makes the player think more when creating his team.
Fighting and Steel Pokémon will give you the best Victoria opportunity.
Better selections: Cobain, Sealer, Mega Sailor, Malaria Zap dos, Mega Gen gar

The best Pokémon team to beat Carlo

The possibility of seeing Armed oat the end adds a unique aspect to the formation of teams, but do not let that discourage you.
Carlo is still very expire.
Our ideal team to overcome Carlo is:
Hyperion (clay slap | Break rocks)
Mega Swam pert (clay shooting | Hydraulic Canyon)
Heat ran (fire fire | iron head)
Secondary Team:
Mega Yards (Waterfall | Dragon Pulse)
Cobain (double kick | Sacred Sword)
HO-OH (incinerate | Fire Explosion)
That is all to know how to overcome the leader of the team Go Rocket, Carlo, in Pokémon Go.
Now is the time to face Cliff and Sierra, so you can face Giovanni.


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