Heres the Comprehensive Guide to Keyboard Controls and Shortcuts for Star Wars: Squadron on PC

Image by means of Electronic Arts
Han Solo never said Do not touch E when you desired to hit F, kid, but he would have done so if he played computer game instead of being imaginary.
Star Wars: Squadrons has a relatively basic control plan for a space-based game, and we have the complete list of the controls you will require on PC below.
This can take a while to learn them all, so you can simply keep this list open on a second screen while you play to prevent having to open the menus and identify the button to press.
It would certainly be a bad idea in the multiplayer mode of the game.


If you want to customize one of the key combinations, you can do it in the alternatives, settings, controls and key combinations.

Here you can assign any function to any touch of your choice.

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