Pedro Pascal And Chris Pratt Star In The Hilarious Mario Kart Live Action Series – Here Are The Details

During the weekend, Pedro Pascal appeared in Saturday Night Live and, as it is already a custom with this type of special participation, he starred in a series of sketches that not only refer to his work as an actor, but to some situation of the moment.
Thus, Joel’s manager in The Last of Us series became Mario for the Mario Kart Live Action series trailer for HBO.


As a satire of the type of productions by HBO, SNL presented us with a sketch that basically combines The Last of Us and Mario Kart, where we can see Mario, played by Pedro Pascal, escort Princess Peach for an infested world
By zombies.
What most attracts attention is detail attention.
The fact that Luigi’s Mansion’s mansion appears makes it clear that the person in charge of writing this sketch has played, and has a clear idea of the audience to which he is directed.
Far have the jokes remain where the managers clearly did not know what they were talking about.
In related issues, the premiere of the next chapter of The Last of Us is advanced.
Similarly, this is the official poster of the Super Mario Bros movie.

Editor’s note:
Like other SNL sketches in recent years, the idea of merging the world of Mario and The Last of Us is something that does not make much sense, and gives rise to a series of jokes that, in the best case,
They simply get you a little smile for the performances, and not so much for the script.

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