Why Is KSante So Popular In The LCS? Breaking Down Why Only One Top Laner Hasnt Played Him Yet

KS ante is a well-known choice in competitions in other areas. In the 2023 LEC Winter Season, he has actually accumulated 22 games played, according to Oracles Elixir. In the 2023 LPL Spring Split, he has been played 33 times up until now, and an eye-watering 38 times in the 2023 LCK Spring Split.

The 2023 LCS Spring Split returns this Thursday, Feb. 9.

Despite the competitive season in The United States and Canada having actually played just 2 weeks of action, every LCS leading later has actually currently chosen KS ante a minimum of when, according to Leaguepedia. The only player who hasn’t done so yet is Team Liquids Top.

At the very same time, KS ante sits on the greatest choice and restriction rate among the leading lane players, with a 90 percent existence, according to Oracles Elixir. The second-most chosen and prohibited champ, Tax, has taped 70 percent up until now.

KS ante appeal in League of Legends is rising, and the case is not various in the 2023 LCS Spring Split.


Top, on the other hand, has showcased a range of choices in his LCS return so far this Spring. In the four video games Liquid has had this year, he chose Matrix, Benetton, Gear, and Tax, getting wins with the first two.

Five out of nine to planers who have actually played the Pride of Nkrumah up until now in the 2023 LCS Spring Split have selected him twice already. Yet, having him on your side doesn’t ensure you a win. Out of 14 games in which KS ante was selected throughout draft in the North American league, he has won seven up until now, according to a League stat website Oracles Elixir.

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