PayPal Data Leak Affects 35,000 Customers: What You Need To Know

PayPal has reported a data breakdown to the US Prosecutor’s Office.
Around 35,000 customers should be affected by the data leak.
PayPal informs those affected.
Munich/Dortmund-there is post, you want to do without them.

This certainly includes the notification of a payment service provider that Hacker has stolen personal data.
Exactly such a message currently reaches thousands of PayPal users.

Data leak at PayPal-Hacker had access to names, addresses and social security numbers

As the German press agency (DPA) reports, the PayPal payment platform discovered a hacker attack and reported it to the US public prosecutor.
Almost 35,000 customers should be affected by the data leak.
According to PayPal, cybercriminals were able to obtain access to names, addresses, social security numbers, tax identification numbers and dates of birth.
The company is currently informing the customers concerned and has reset their passwords, reports
Even if the company claims that the data has not yet been misused, the customer has caused damage.
Because if data once published on the Internet, data abuse can occur at any time.
Anyone who uses payment services automatically handles their data online.
A found eat for hackers?
After all, almost two thirds of the German financial apps such as PayPal or Klarna use.

Hacker attack on PayPal-these details are known for the data leak

Hacker groups often blackmail companies and organizations on a large scale.
But the investigators don’t sleep.
Now investigators from all over the world have smashed the network-with very crucial support from Germany.
According to media reports, PayPal is said to have discovered the hacker attack on December 20, 2022.
During the timely examination, it turned out that the hacker attack took place between December 6th and 8th.
Payment service provider PayPal then reported the unauthorized drainage of personally identifiable information (PIN) to the general prosecutor’s office in Maine-i.e. a data leak.

PayPal customer in the sights of hackern-attack with far-reaching consequences

The attackers had tested numerous access data in a so-called credential stuffing attack and were successful in almost 35,000 cases.
For information: Credential Stuffing is one of the most common cyberattack methods.
Previously leaked or illegally obtained registration data are used to try them out massively for unauthorized access to other services (more digital news at ).
The attackers assume that users will use their login data with the same usernames and passwords for several services at the same time.
As stated in PayPal, criminal access to the names of the customers, their addresses, social security numbers, tax identification numbers and birthdates.
A notification has now been made to those affected.
So far, PayPal has no information that the data or unauthorized transactions have occurred.

data leak at PayPal with consequences for thousands of customers-clarify lawyers

At first glance, not much has happened for PayPal customers, writes Dr.
Still & Safer.
But the next spam and phishing wave role in consumers.


There is a great risk that SMS, email or malware attempts will occur.
Since there has been a large data on social media accounts like Facebook, the risk that criminal personal data is growing.
In the worst case, they could ultimately take over the identity of consumers and conclude on behalf of the injured business.

Hacker attack at PayPal: What can affected customers do now?

The use of a data leak is also a loss of control via your own, sometimes sensitive data.
If the data is chopped, they are always usable for criminals.
The danger lies in the future.
If you are unsure whether your data was hacked, you can contact PayPal.
Users of the payment service have a right to find out whether they are affected by the data leak.
According to Article 15 of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the company must provide you with information within four weeks.
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