Fractured Online: Reaching For A March Return After Significant Progress On Its New Server Platform

The team will also be announcing some streams and expose a few of their procedure in the coming weeks.

Simply over a month back, it was announced that the group would see the video game return into closed advancement, thanks to difficulties with our third-party backend platform. Dynamic Studios assured that they were already working on a new platform, and this action was essential to guarantee ongoing advancement and enhancements. They also kept in mind that around January 31st, it would be time to bring the servers to complete the designated work.

However, it’s still going to be awhile till everything is ready to resume. There’s still a great deal of testing to be done, however after a series of conditions and tests, they’re seeing positive results and an enhancement over the September Early Access construct.

So when will Fracture Online be back up and running for those who have gain access to? There’s no solid response just yet, just a price quote. While the initial post said the servers would be removed and back up not long after the end of January, Dynamic says that It’s likely well see whatever operating on the new platform and ready for the community to return in March.

It has been a while since we’ve spoken with the Fractured Online group, however there’s an update on the work and guaranteed return into closed development.


In the update, shared on Discord, we discover some more about the next stage, in addition to the work that the group has actually currently d1. Weeks earlier, the team began to run Terra, among the continents, on a new server owned and run directly by Dynamic. This also let them start to evaluate out and fine-tune this brand-new server platform that they are working on to run the game in general. In the time because then, all the internal development servers and the servers for the neighborhood to play on are up and running.

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