Exploring The Unknown Sea: All Controls in Project New World – Robloxs One Piece Inspired Adventure

The New World project inspired by the popular anime and manga.
One piece, invites players to challenge the unknown sea, explore many unique islands and collect tons of powerful weapons, objects and fruits along the way.
Since the world of Project New World is so huge, the understanding of how to maximize its game abilities is crucial, which makes knowledge and development of control elements so useful!
Continue to read a short guide below to quickly familiarize yourself with all the Project New World controls.

List of control elements Project New World

  • WAS or arrow keys-movement keys
  • Question-rush
  • Question + in, a, s, d-jerk forward, left, right or back
  • Control-sprint
  • Gap-jump
  • Gap x2-double jump
  • E-speak / interact
  • M-open a game menu
  • `-open a fast access panel
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7-Choose and use skills on the fast access panel
  • M1 (click with the left mouse button)-light attacks
  • r, c, s, X, d, t, z-other attacks
  • M2 (right-click)-configure the camera
  • O-reduce the camera
  • I-increase the camera
  • /-opens the chat
    >-Open the Emotion menu
  • Tab-switch the main list of players
    As this experience continues to develop, additional controls or current management elements can be added can be changed compared to their initial designations.


Can you play Project New World on mobile devices?

Yes, in Project New World you can play in the Roblox application!
Project New World control elements are as follows:
Blocking icon-Shift Lock
Arrow icon up-jump
Arrow upward icon x2-double jump
Menu icon-Open the game menu
Bow icon-turn on the combat mode
Tap the screen-hit with a fist
Icon of three points-open a list of players or inventory

Can you play Project New World on Xbox?

Unfortunately, no, the New World project cannot play Xbox at the time of publication of this article.
However, taking into account how popular this experience has become since its release, we can see how they will add compatibility with Xbox in the future update!
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