All You Need To Know About The DLC Pokemon Sword And Shield Isle Of Armor Cosmetic Card


Among the most anticipated additions that the DLC Isle of Armor brings to a sword and Pokémon guard is the brand-new cosmetic alternatives.
Downloading the DLC alone will not automatically provide you the new options.
To open them, you require getting the style card

How to get the style card

A Senior Dojo coach challenges you when you show up on the island of Armor and you leave the station.
In Pokémon guard, you will again deal with the psychic type coach Avery, and Pokémon sword, you will deal with the poison Clara type coach.
They will provide you the design card if you beat them.

How to utilize the design card.

The style card will add more options to the stores as well as to the return fair on the continent.

The very first time you show up with the style card, the seller will describe to you how new alternatives will be added: new clothing in shops and brand-new hairdos in the living-room.
All new options will be indicated by a rectangular shape covered with stimulates, showing that the option is just readily available because you have the design card.
Be careful, however: you can’t wear hats with brand-new hairdos.

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