Rainbow Six: Jungle Slayers

In the northern cone the battle to get the pass to the first international event of 2023 continues to show the two teams that can reach brazil in the Squalider, after seeing the southern games with squads that gave a great performance, now it remains
Explore who will be the two teams that can reach the final battle within the competition that takes place in Brazilian lands.


Starting with a duel between Overnight against Storm that gave a great display of skills on both sides, but it would be the one to give a game that helped the squad of the snakes to get their pass to Brazil.

On the other hand in the battle in the lower bracket we have team cruelty against Even to get the pass for the grand final of this instance, the cruelty team showed its characteristic facet of aggressiveness with which it managed to take a tremendous 2-0.
Now with just a chance of being able to travel to Brazil we see Cruelty’s confrontation against Overnight that have a very intense battle during the first contest where a tremendous supremacy is noted with a Ravi that shows his power to conquer the point.
In the second battle there was a response from the Knights but ended up being crushed by To ski that manages to fall to the rivals continuously to be able to create an opportunity that gave the victory to the squad of cruelty.
After very interesting series where Storm and Cruelty manage to take their victories in a phenomenal way to be able
The squads that will participate in a battle against great rivals of the Squalider to determine the maximum triumph.

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