Switch: The Cause Of The Biggest Problem Is Found And Nintendo Has Been Confronted

As one of the most popular consoles on the market, the Nintendo Switch has had its fair share of issues – but one problem has been particularly persistent: Joy-Con drift. In this article, we’ll look at what is causing this issue, how Nintendo has been responding to combat it, and what can be done to fix it.

The Joy-Con drift is still thought about the greatest issue of the Nintendo Switch-and appropriately so.
A variety of players grumble that the new console versions have actually not changed anything.
Experts now desire to discover out what is the real cause-and confront Nintendo.

Joy-Con-Drift: Switch problem is based upon a mechanical error

The Joy-Con drift of the Nintendo Switch is not yet history 5 years after the console has been released.
Again and again there are new reports from gamers whose controllers suddenly start drifting-even if Nintendo likes to decrease the Joy-Con drift.
Now the British customer company has itself?
Busy with the subject and concerned 5 Joy-Con sets for test purposes, who also have to handle drift issues, and take a more detailed take a look at the laboratory.
The controllers all come from 2017 to 2019.
The research study in the lab brought some interesting findings to light.
For example, the Joy-Con drift appears to appear regularly with the left Joy-Cons.
In addition, the dust defense of the Nintendo controllers does not seem to work appropriately.

After the controller disassembled, the employees observed that there were likewise a great deal of dust and other pollutants in the controller.
In addition, there were clear signs of wear on the boards, which happened mostly at the contact points of the Joy-Con slide.
The result of the lab assessment:
There are differences in the construction of the specific controllers, but the resemblances discovered are the wear of the contact points of the joystick slide (which are readily available on all circuit boards) and the penetration of dust/contamination.


It might for that reason be that the drift problem is brought on by wearing the circuit board or by a mix of this wear and tear and penetration of dust/contamination. (Source: What?).

Nintendo remarks on the outcome.

What did this finding shared what?
Even with Nintendo-but the official response does not hope that something will soon change the style of the Joy-Cons to avoid this problem:.

The portion of the Joy-Con controller, in which problems with the analogy stick have actually been reported in the past, is low, and we have actually continuously improved the Joy-Con-Analogstick given that its introduction in 2017..
Nintendo calls for the business to deal with the problem and carry out its own assessment of the Joy-Con drift and publish the outcomes.
In addition, all Joy-Cons purchasers must be offered the opportunity to have their controllers fixed or replaced complimentary of charge if they are affected by the drift problem-even after the service warranty expiry.
This step is likewise to be promoted by Nintendo so that the injured party does not escape this info.
If you are affected by the Joy-Con drift, you shouldn’t toss your controllers into the trash and buy a replacement directly.
You can utilize the Nintendo assistance site to be utilized to fix the damaged Joy-Cons, which with a little luck is even performed totally free of charge.
To Nintendo’s repair work portal.
If it is a paid repair work, a Nintendo employee will call you in advance to clarify whether you desire to accept the deal.

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