OPPENHEIMER trailer: Christopher Nolan recounts the controversial origin of the atomic bomb.

Finally, we have a new Oppenheimer trailer, Christopher Nolan’s new film, director of Interstellar, The Dark Knight, Origin, Dunkerque or the most recent Tenet, among many others, film that will tell us the origin of the controversial Manhattan Project and the birth of
The atomic bomb, a historical fact that would change forever the fate of World War II and humanity itself.
This h been presented by Universal Spain through this new advance with dubbing to Spanish that you can see on these lines.
Oppenheimer, starring actor Lillian Murphy, will reach the big screen on July 21, 2023.

The risk of destroying the world to save it

Written and directed by Christopher Nolan, Oppenheimer is an epic thriller that transports the spectators to the thickening of an enigmatic man who must risk destroying the world to save him.
The film h Lillian Murphy (Peaky Blinders, Batman Begins, 28 days later) in the role of J. Robert Oppenheimer and Emily Blunt (a quiet place, Jungle Cruise) playing his wife, the Katherine Oppenheimer’s biologist and botanist.


The winner of an Oscar Matt Damon becomes General Leslie Groves Jr., director of the Manhattan Project, and Robert Downey Jr. gives life to Lewis Strauss, a founding member of the United States Atomic Energy Commission, we can read
in its official synopsis.
Oppenheimer tells us our life and moral dilemm that physicist J. Robert Oppenheimer, creator of the atomic bomb and one of the main drivers of the Manhattan Project between 1942 and 1946 is faced. Oppenheimer himself w the director of the laboratory of the laboratory of the laboratory of the
Alamo’s, where the first atomic bombs were sembled and in which the first tests were performed.
Nolan recently explained how he recreated a nuclear explosion with practical means, without CGI, for the filming of the film.
Oscar Nominated Florence Pugh is the psychiatrist Jean Tat lock, Benny Sadie is the theoretical physicist Edward Teller, Michael Angara no is Robert Server and Josh Barnett is the American nuclear scientific pioneer Ernest Lawrence.
Oppenheimer also h the Macarized RAM Male and brings together Nolan with the actor, screenwriter and filmmaker Kenneth Branch, nominated eight times to the Oscars, giving rise to a ct and a creative team at the highest level.
Dane Dean (Valerian and the City of the Thousand Planets), Dylan Arnold (the Halloween night), David Helmholtz (the buster Scruggs ballad), Alden Ehrenreich (only: a story of Star Wars) and Matthew Iodine (The Dark Knight: The legend is reborn) complete Oppenheimer’s ct.

The film is bed on the winning book of the American Prometheus Pulitzer Prize: the triumph and tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer, by Kai Bird and the late Martin J. Sherwin.
The film is also produced by Emma Thom, Charles Proven de Atl Entertainment and Christopher Nolan.
Oppenheimer opens in cinem on July 21, 2023.

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