2 Football Games In Mexico?

As the first NFL game in Germany at Wickersham came to a close, many analysts and experts started speculating about what will happen next. The most popular rumor in recent weeks was that the NFL would not only play another regular season game on European turf but also one of the games from the preseason.

After the first NFL game on German soil was a complete success, rumors quickly made the round that the NFL might broaden its commitment in Germany too soon and include another video game of Germany into the calendar of the coming season.
Now there are brand-new developments that make this situation far most likely.
As NFL-insider Ian Rapport reported, NFL Executive Peter O’rally has revealed that the Mexico game will be will be will be in the coming season.
The stadium in Mexico is being reconstructed for the 2026 World Cup.
It is likely that two video games will take place in Germany instead, suspects the well-informed Rapport on Twitter.

does Munich get another NFL game?

There is still no safe information about a possible location, however Munich needs to have the very best cards here.

In the Bavarian capital, the very first game of Germany ran nearly efficiently in November and was a complete success.
Videos of the singing audience walked around the world and Tom Brady was also exceptionally amazed.
It was one of the best football experiences I have actually ever had, said the star quarters’ back of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
It states a lot in favor of having actually been in the league for 23 years. The fans were incredible.
Munich had been granted Frankfurt prior to this season to organize 4 video games by 2026.
After the start in Munich, a video game will absolutely occur in Frankfurt next year.
It would likewise be possible that Frankfurt arranges 2 video games in the season, which could make sense from a logistical viewpoint.


The preparations would then not have to happen in two cities.

Germany The largest NFL market in Europe

For the only 70,000 locations in the Allianz Arena, media reports apply to over 3 million individuals.
A number that has likewise caused an experience in the USA and makes it clear how big the buzz around American football and the NFL is in Germany.
It has actually long been known that Germany has replaced Fantastic Britain as the biggest NFL market in Europe.
Bed Gospel, NFL Head of the U.K.
and Europe recently mentioned 3.3 million die-hard fans in Germany.
In addition, around 17 million good friends of the egg-shaped leather pursue the NFL a little more unwound.

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