Who Will Be The New Superman?

Although only one month ago the return of Henry Cavill to the role of Superman in the DCU was confirmed, yesterday it was revealed that the actor will not continue with this role, since the new plans of James Gun and Peter Saran do not include it.
In this way, fans have begun to speculate who will be the next steel man.
Yesterday’s announcement confirmed that a Superman movie is already in development, but considering that it is a young version of the character, Cavils was not selected for paper.
In this way, fans have begun to discuss on Twitter about the actor that will be selected for the tape.


Although there are no details for the moment, some have pointed out Sebastian Stan and Tom Holland as the main candidates.

There could be many disagreements here, but in a world in which he did not work so much with Marvel, he would probably choose sebastian stan as Superman.

I think I could play the role quite well.

Now that henry cavill is gone, I think it’s time to say what we are all thinking.
@Jamesgunn needs to choose Tom Holland as the new Superman!
Along with this, some have pointed out that Cavils could return to DCU performing the Kingdom Come version of Superman.
However, something is clear, fans do not want to see Chris Pratt in this role.
I swear by God that if the damn Chris Pratt is chosen as the new Superman…
Considering that the young Superman’s film is still being written, there is a long time before it is known who will be in charge of carrying the layer of this hero.
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Editor note:
It is disappointing that just one month after his re-entry to DCU, Henry Cavill loses, once again, this role.
Worst of all, is that he left The Witcher for this.
It will be interesting to see if Netflix say it, or if even Marvel takes the opportunity and adds it to the MCU.

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