Unlock Fifa 23 Tanaka & Kamada SBCs – All You Need To Know

Celebrity players have been a much-loved staple of the FIFA Ultimate Team game mode for years now and this latest FIFA 23 SBC is no exception.

We now have the World Cup Phenoms team to enjoy too, with the new set of promo products available in packs today.

The FIFA 23 World Cup content just keeps on coming, with daily SBS and Goals dropping in Ultimate Team.

Along with the fresh set of special items, EA has actually released the most recent Dynamic Duos SBC and this time it’s Japan’s AO Tanaka and Dacha Ramada who have actually been picked.

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The requirements are as follows:.

Please note, as a reward for completing the SBS and opening both individual cards, you will receive a group benefit of a Gold Gamers Pack.

Start Date: Sunday, 11 December.

  • Squad Ranking: Min 83.

Start Date: Sunday, 11 December.

Again, you’ll require to submit one squad in order to open the individual Tanaka card for your club, with the requirements as follows:.

Expiration Date: Friday, 23 December.

Approximated Cost-36,000 coins (PlayStation & Xbox).

Inspect out their cards and how you can unlock them below.

Expiry Date: Friday, 23 December.

SBC Requirements.

You will need to send one squad in order to open the private Ramada card for your Ultimate Team.

SBC Requirements.

  • of gamers in the Squad: 11.

AO Tanaka (OR 85).

Estimated Cost-36,000 coins (PlayStation & Xbox).

Dynamic Duos SBS prevail Squad Structure Challenges regularly released by the developers during the 2022 Qatar World Cup to take advantage of the buzz surrounding winter competition.

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Dacha Ramada (OR 86).

  • Minimum OR of 85: Min 1.
  • IF Players: Min 1.
  • Squad Ranking: Minutes 84.


  • of gamers in the Team: 11.

These SBS are always themed around a particular nation, with two cards from the very same nation released as a two-part SBC, offering you the alternative to unlock simply one card or both.

Dynamic Duos explained.

Usually, gamers need to finish 2 different tasks to get their hands on the unique cards on offer in addition to the differing group reward.

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