Elden Ring Creator Teases More Prepare For DLC, Updates

The remarks were brief and were relayed by means of a translation of Miyazaki’s remarks, however they were quickly picked up on by fans who were looking for some sort of Elden Ring statement to come from the occasion.

FromSoftware also revealed throughout The Game Awards that it’s working on a new Armored Core video game called Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon. A release date was not revealed, but it’s set up to be out at some point in 2023.

So, will those several things be updates, DLC, or a mix of both? The last alternative is most likely the most likely. The game’s currently been getting updates routinely considering that it released to fix bugs and iron out possible outliers in PVP, and as evidenced by today’s Colosseum Update, FromSoftware has no issues dropping big functions in totally free updates. Past FromSoftware video games including the Dark Souls games and Blood borne have actually set a precedent for the developer’s titles getting paid DLC alternatives, too. It’s likewise worth pointing out that Senior: Shadows Die Twice was an exception to this rule and did not get a paid DLC. It instead got a large free update of its own, but no full-fledged DLC.

Elden Ring DLC was at the top of many Video game Awards watchers’ wishlist, so while it’s disappointing that we didn’t get that statement from the show, Miyazaki’s comments must relieve any worries that FromSoftware may’ve been made with Elden Ring after opening the Colosseum to PVP fights.


When It Comes To Elden Ring, we still have numerous more things we wish to do, stated Miyazaki in the clip listed below where he accepted the award for the game.

Elden Ring had rather the week with a totally free Colosseum Update dropping recently, a Video game of the Year win at The Game Awards 2023, and a surprise Bill Clinton nod, but that’s obviously far from completion of Elden Ring news that we’ll be hearing about. During the acceptance speech for the Game of the Year award handed out at Thursday’s occasion, Elden Ring developer Hideaway Miyazaki talked about the game’s reception and likewise it’s future by teasing that FromSoftware still had actually more planned for the game.

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