Hive Twitter Replacement Takes Itself Offline Charge to Security Issues


Whether Hive will really replace Twitter remains to be seen. Twitter is still alive and… somewhat well, so it will likely continue to dominate its direct competition until that is no longer real. Naturally, it seems like it is most likely here to remain for the foreseeable future.

Popular Twitter replacement app, Hive, has actually gone offline due to various security concerns that need to be patched up. Over the last month approximately, many have actually been searching for a Twitter-like app that can fulfill a comparable feeling that the popular app offers. Sweet and brief posts, an absorbable timeline, the ability to quickly fire off a thought and have others quickly react, and so on. The factor for this is that Elon Musk just recently purchased Twitter for well over $40 billion and the billionaire began making major changes that many were unhappy with. Some also began to fear that the app would rather actually collapse in on itself due to the quantity of staff leaving or getting fired.

Enter Hive: an extremely comparable app to Twitter that acts as a bit of a hybrid for the bird app and something like Instagram with a bit of MySpace flair thrown in for excellent step. Hive took to Twitter to confirm that it will be shutting down its servers for a couple of days to repair some security defects and to help make the app a better and more secure experience.

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