How to challenge and defeat all the star leaders of the team in scarlet and purple Pokemon

Battling Team Star is one of the funniest parts of the latest Pokémon games, especially Star Barge, but beating the bosses is satisfactory. If you are anxious to defeat Team Star, you are in the right place: Here you have everything you need to know how to challenge and beat all the Team Star Boss in Pokémon Scarlet and Purple.

How to overcome all the stellar chiefs of the team in scarlet and purple Pokémon

The first step to challenge all bosses is simply heading to the main door and accelerating their conversation with Cassiopeia and Clive, then challenge the guard. If you jump to near the perimeter in Portion or Myrmidon, you should be teleported to the main door with a fun message from the squad, then you can beat the guard.


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Fairy is weak for Poison and Steel, and Restroom is of both types, so you can also use one in Star Barge and Boss Battle. The Ortega Pokémon are all level 50, so you will want a team in that threshold. Fairy Crew chief uses the following team:

  • Amarillo
  • Dash bun
  • undulating
  • Star mobile

Atticus of the poisonous crew

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The Earth type Pokémon are great against Poison’s crew, especially the Star mobile, but the steel Pokémon are immune to Poison and Psychic is also super effective against Poison. You will want to have Pokémon around level 30 and give one or two PCHA Berry so that it can be cured only once when it is poisoned; Anyway, this is the Atticus team:

  • Suntan, Level 32
  • Bathroom, level 33
  • Mu, level 32
  • Star mobile, Level 32

Era of the combat crew

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Training the many flying Pokemon will be worth it here, but the attacks of fairy and psychic are also super effective against fighters, in addition the ghost Pokémon are immune to fighting attacks. Like the other bases, it accelerates through Star Barge running from one group to another and pressing R, and heals with Clive if necessary. Era has the highest level Pokémon, so it is optimal to challenge it at the end:

  • Toxicroak, level 55
  • Pas simian, Level 55
  • NyQuil, LEVEL 56
  • Lucio, level 55
  • Star mobile, Level 56

Meal of the fire endowment

For this Base Pokémon, Earth and Rock at the average level of 20, it will give you a great advantage because Meal has a level 27 torsional and its level 26 Star mobile. The boss of the boss with Meal could be the strangest of All, since its Star mobile has Speed Boost in addition to the exclusive Blazing Torque movement. A Ground-Type like Orphan or Clod sire will help you here and against Atticus.

Giacomo of the dark crew

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This is an excellent first basis to capture, since the Pokémon here are around level 20. The Pokémon Error, Fighting and Fairy are super effective against Dark, and Torountala is easy to find near the dishes. You have a lot of time during Star Barge if your Pokémon are also around level 20, so simply run between groups of dark types and eliminate them, and heals with Clive if things go wrong.

After beating the flood, the fight with Giacomo begins: first he will send a level 21 Spaniard. The fight attacks such as Low Kick inflict X4 damage to Spaniard and this attack is excellent against the huge Star mobile, even in a Pokemon that is not of struggle.


The big boss

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Once you overcome all the bases, you will find Clive at the entrance of the Academy and will challenge you to a battle. After beating him, you go to school at night and select School Yard on the tablet next to the reception. Then, after a brief conversation, struggles against the founder of the Team Star, Penny, and his team is completely formed by the Revelations:

  • Umbrella, Level 62
  • Flatiron, Level 62
  • Napoleon, level 62
  • Leaf eon, Level 62
  • Jolt eon, Level 62
  • Sylvan crystallized, level 63

The best strategy is to have dual type Pokémon with super effective attacks against multiple Revelations; For example, Kingston can play Rough Umbrella for weakness and then Gigaton Hammer Sylvan for weakness.

That is all we have in challenging and defeating Team Star bosses in scarlet and purple Pokémon. Check out some of our other Scarlet and Purple contents, such as how to see your badges, what to do after winning the game and where to find False Swipe.

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