God of War Ragnarok Legendary Vanaheim Backs: Where to Find everyone?

Anaheim is one of the most collectible kingdoms and activities in God of War Ragnarök. Among crows, Corner etc, the land of the Vania has 13 legendary chests in total. In this guide, we show the location of six of these chests, present in the following areas: Abandoned Village, Noun Hardin, Ruins of the Goaltender and Altar Vania.

These six legendary chests can be achieved on the first visit to Anaheim and are free of spoilers in history (except who will be the company of Rates in the unprecedented trip to the Kingdom of the Vania: Show Freya). The idea is that the article will be updated in the future with the remaining chests.

The Legendary Abandoned Village 1, 2 and 3

Upon reaching the houses in the water, move the hook to reach the inaccessible margin across the river. Before you arrive at the chest, you will need to make a Drug Back.

  • Shield Complement: Restoration Road

After the great arena against the Einheterjar, you will quickly come across this new legendary chest bathed in poison. To release it, simply freeze the plant to your right and not remove it until you have removed the contents of the treasure.

  • Shield of explosive stars

After the fight against Fisk, you will find another crane to move to reach this new legendary chest. Start first coming down to turn the pillar that prevents the movement of the crane, then go back to your starting point to cross. Go there one last time to get the last big reward before the final fight of this chapter.

  • Light Runic Attack: Hello Ray

Legendary Noatun-Baú Garden 4/6

During the garden mission of the dead, take your canoe back and find a small passage under the trees to reach a hidden dock. By exploring the place, you will reach a flaw in the kingdom containing two light elves of Álfheimr to knock out.

Then jump in the opposite pontoon and make a series of stamps to burn the ivy. Take the zip line back straight to the garden and look at the left building. Throughout it, you will find an ajar gate through which you can launch your ax to make way.

  • Amulet Fragment: Yggdrasil Jewelry

Ruins of the Legendary Paul Vigilant 5/6

To recover this legendary chest, you first need to open the ticket to Freya’s wedding altar, which will give you access to a whole new part of the area. To the left of the new stream, turn left to join the veiled passage and go to the end of it.

On the knowledge plate below, you will also find an Odin crow. A little further, throw arrows to burn the vines and release the passage. Throw the ax to the bomb, thus releasing the legendary chest.


  • Heavy Runic Attack: Kelham’s mists

Altar Vanir-Baú Legendary 6/6

During a favor to Freya, you will have to activate mechanisms on both sides of the ruins. Following the right way, you will eventually find the chest behind a sealed door: continue advancing, eliminate the enemy and locate a place to burn, revealing a small space in which to launch the ax to open the gate.

  • Light Runic Attack: Ferocity of Furies

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