Hes a good looking male, but he got a great body

In a sector with long time Inside the NBA manufacturer Tim Kiel, Barkley and Ernie Johnson discussed chris evans being named the Sexiest Man Alive. Kiel asked Barkley to select in between Evans and Jordan.

Charles Barkley gushed over actor Michael B. Jordan in a section of a current episode of the Steam bath podcast. Barkley was not scared to reveal his appreciation for the Creed and Black Panther star, but had a different choice for his supreme crush.

Barkley added:

Charles Barkley was also asked to select in between Chris Evans and a bunch of other stars. Barkley never ever chose Evans and chose Mike Trout, Denzel Washington, Charlie Hanna, Damian Lewis, Paul Gigawatts and Tom Brady.


In the end, the Hall of Famer declared Brady as his man crush G.O.A.T. and the world’s sexiest male.

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Charles Barkley has a man crush on Tom Brady

O’Neal confirmed the story and called Brady ‘gorgeous’. Barkley then followed it up with another mesmerizing story about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback.

Barkley then shared an amusing conversation between him and Shaquille O’Neal about Brady’s gorgeousness in an episode of Inside the NBA last season.

Charles Barkley first revealed his admiration for Tom Brady in a look on Jimmy Kimmel Live in 2019. Barkley informed the story of meeting Brady and how we got enthralled by his eyes.

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