Bleach: All sagas, arches and anime filling to live closely the trip of Ichigo

Although the manga ended more than 5 years ago, Bleach has returned to rebirth in style thanks to the Pierrot study decided Greater saga of all that completely closed the story of Chico Kurosawa and all his companions.


That is why many want to begin to see Time Bubo’s work from the beginning, either to remember everything that happened or to catch up with the new season that, remember, will last a whole year (52 chapters). That is why from MGG we want to help you with this little guide in which we will show you what are the annoying episodes of filling of this work so dear to the public.

Saga del Kirigami Substitute

Saga of the Soul Society

Saga start

Saga of the hole world

Saga of the past: the Visored event

Saga of the Battle of Karakul

Saga of the Lost Agent

Saga of the Bloody War of the Thousand Years

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