Meripodct 16×10: Nominated TGA, Pentiment analysis, Hogwarts Legacy, Indiana Jones series?

The present does not rest and the members of the Meripodct either. One more week, and waiting for our colleagues from the Retro program to collect the Giant… the microphone this Thursday-the theme we reveal it in this episode-Chapter 16×10 brings together Alejandro Ctillo (premieres microphone!), Pedro Herrera, Roberto Barrage and Born Rate presenter. Do you come with us? We start!

In the headlines section, the freshest news: Nintendo Switch 2 backward?, Some VR glses that kill you? We also chat about the news of Call of Duty: War zone 2.0 and reviews the control of control 2, the new production of Remedy Entertainment. The main debate can only be about the nominees in The Game Awards 2022, which have already been announced by Geoff Eighty. Is Got from Elden Ring come?

The games of the week have two proper names: Francisco Serrano Acosta returns to the Principal program to analyze Sentiment in depth, whose analysis you can read in Meditation. The title of Obsidian Entertainment h left fanttic, so we travel to the Middle Ages, at the time of the birth of the printing press to soak up history and stories. To the pt, less remote but more magical, we go with Hogwarts Legacy. After the presentation of the gameplay, we focus on some of the pects that were shown.


We do not put ide Mere+. We echo the news of Variety, which points out Lucfilm’s intention to resume Indiana Jones a television series for Disney+. Next, the final meripodct stretch: the microbe, where we read all your comments, and what we are played to. a final brooch, magical fanttic and to rest, which have been almost three hours of program this time.

all the contents of the Meripodct 10×16


  • 00:00 Start and presentation of Meripodct


  • 04:39 Remedy announces Control 2
  • 10:37 All about Cod War zone 2.0
  • 16:41 VR helmets that kill you
  • 22:03 Nintendo Switch 2… Backing?


  • 33:31 Debate, the Got nominees of The Game Awards 2022


  • 1:25:04 Sentiment analysis with Fran Serrano
  • 1:46:49 The new Hogwarts Legacy


  • 2:04:56 Does Lucfilm prepare a series of Indiana Jones


  • 2:13:56 Microbe
  • 2:43:22 What have we been playing
  • 2:49:48 Farewell

Thanks for listening to the Meripodct. We remember that you can hear each program on YouTube, Ivory, iTunes and Spotify.

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