World Cup 2022: Al-Faraj despite injury in Saudi

Regardless of the shoulder injury, captain Salman Al-Farabi Saudi-Arabia’s contingent for the World Mug in Qatar (November 20 to December 18). Given that the global suit versus Iceland last Sunday (1-0), the midfield celebrity has actually been struck.

According to nationwide train Here Regard, the 33-year-old is still in discomfort, but he needs to end up being fit for the start in Team C against Argentina on November 22nd. The various other Globe Cup challengers of the eco-friendly falcons are Poland (November 26) and Mexico (November 30).


Saudi-Arabia’s Globe Mug squad at a look:

Midfield: Salman Al-Farabi (archival), Riyadh Swahili (Aha), Ali Al-Hasan (Al-Aqsa), Mohamed Kano (archival), Abdullah alkali (archival), Sami Alabama (Al-Aqsa), Abdullah Staff (Archival), Nasser Al-Jazari (Archival), Abdulrahman aloud (Al-Fatiha), Salem Al-Jazari (Archival), Rattan Baker (Al-Shabab).

Assault: Fahad al-Muwallad (Al-Shabab), Vietnam Siri (Alkali), Sale Al-Fihri (archival), FIRAS al-Buraikan (Al-Fatiha).

Protection: Yasser Al-Hamdani (Archival), Hassan Amati (Al-Shabab), Abdullah al-Omari (Al-Aqsa), Ali al-Bulaihi (archival), Abdullah Made (Al-Aqsa), Said Abdulhamid (Archival), Sultan Al-Hakam (Al-Aqsa), Mohammed albeit (archival).

Tor: Mohammed allows (archival), Away ALADI (Al-Aqsa), Mohammed all Rubies Al-Razi (alkali).

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