New rumor indicates the name of two more actors for Super Marios movie

Last month it was an event for Nintendo fans, since the first glance was released to the Super Mario Bros movie, which surprised by the quality of animation. And now that the waters are a little quieter, it seems that some data have begun to be leaked in both the advertising and talent.

A curriculum of someone who worked for Illumination in the marketing department has appeared and includes some details. First, the launch of the commercials with the soda Mountain Dew linked to the tape is mentioned. In addition, recently Charlie Day (Luigi) is participating with the brand, so it is quite evident.

The document also mentions that there were launches from movies of Super Mario Bros. to transmit during an important sporting event, but the sport was not revealed. As this event is usually held in February, it is possible that we see the final trailer right there before moving on to the premiere that begins in March of 2023 .

Finally, the paper seems to confirm two more actors in the cast. The curriculum shows family names and then Danny Tree and Tarawa. P Henson . Your participation in the project is not yet mentioned. So they could be adding last moment characters, and these stars of the screen would fit with more personalities already confirmed as Jack Black .

Remember that the film opens E l March 30, 2023.


Via: Nintendo

Editor’s note: It would be interesting for Danny Trejo to have a role in the video game, I would personally like Mario to be, because that mustache is easy to identify. We will have to wait for more updates to know if everything is true.

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