LOL: The most ridiculous play of the 2022 Worlds that exposes a problem of riot

The League of Legends Worlds 2022 ended. We have seen several high-level plays, strategic genius and film twists throughout the competition. From the entrance phase to the main event, there were many emotions and the repercussions of the tournament will be felt for a long time.

In the spirit of eternalizing remarkable moments, we will talk about the opening match of Worlds 2022: Mad Lions against Taurus Gaming. The European team of Spanish origin fought a very focused Taurus that, despite having lost, played well and gave work. They came close to the victory mainly thanks to the Pro Grell-Pro eed Player has gone through azilian lands and their bass, champion who starred in a play that perfectly demonstrates the problem that persists in Riot after a year of correction attempts .

cure, a problem that seems to have no solution in riot

The play in question revolved around a siege on the upper route, where Eloy Dehecarim was trying to cause damage to opponents to achieve top priority on all routes and ensure goals. Here, basses gradually began to damage Heparin while trying to escape, and to the surprise of many this duel, which was supposed to be easily resolved, was complicated.

Graves was being chased by Aliyah and Strafing for the purpose of murdering him, civilly or criminally, in order to eathe comfortably throughout the game. But the hunter healed considerably with each basic attack, taking advantage of the rune agility in the feet, the hemodrenary, and the Malmortius jaw bonus. And although he was killed at the end, Heparin had to be in the background because he was in danger of being eliminated, all after he pursued him for half the rift .


A problem that needs to be cut by the root

One thing must be emphasized; One Normal bass does not heal so much and your advancement and also helps to survive more due to the armor bonus received. Even so, the key that makes it so durable is the hemodrenal item, which with its active and passive generates a considerable increase in life theft that makes bass a vampire like no other, and if we add to that the rune agility we create A monster inside League of Legends with Much damage at a short distance and Frustration almost infinite.

This crazy move clearly shows that the problem that Riot supposedly corrected about healing is still in force, and that all this mess in the middle of the year to try to improve the situation does not seem to have improved, as the priorities in these worlds were champions who heal as Soraya or Yuri. We will have to see if they really react in Season 13 of League of Legends, or we will have to spend another year showing the riot repeatedly that healing is one of the big problems of the game today.

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