Meta Bus Entertainment, the official website

Net marble F & C (CEO SEO Woo-won) announced on the 8th that it has opened its official homepage for its subsidiary Meta Bus Entertainment.


Founded in 2021, Metals Entertainment is a company that carries out digital human production, virtual idol management, and VFX business. Metals Entertainment has created a high-quality digital human ‘Lina’ by simultaneous support and automation of real-time and existing VFX processes, and will unveil the Virtual Idol Group ‘HAVE :)’ in the first half of 2023.

Megabus Entertainment’s VFX Studio has created special effects for movies, dramas, games, and animations, and has joined key talents who participated in various projects in Hollywood. In particular, Metals Entertainment cooperates with Rama Pictures to introduce a work pipeline with 20 years of film production know-how, and can build a flexible working environment according to the project size.

The official homepage introduces the corporate brand through a video of digital human Lina, and contains information on the entire metals entertainment business such as ▲ Virtual Artist ▲ VFX ▲ Entertainment ▲ Game ▲ Meta R & D.

In addition, you can also see the introduction of the VFX Research Institute of Meta Bus Entertainment on the homepage. Located near Gwangmyeong Station, the VFX Institute is a research institute with all the space, equipment, and manpower needed for special effects of visual effects. The motion capture studio can be used up to 20 m wide, 20 m long, and 7 m high, allowing various scenes and dynamic movements. 120 ICON cameras with ultra-high resolution image sensors are installed.

Meanwhile, Net marble F & C is a mobile game developer who produced ‘Seven Sins: Grand Cross’ and ‘Blade & Soul Revolution’. It is a subsidiary, including Meta Bus World, which operates meta bus entertainment and blockchain-based platforms, studios and webtoons and web novels.

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