Repercussions for SC Freiburg: fines and also follower

On the other hand, host Nantes has a payment of 20,000 euros, in addition to a partial closure of the arena in the following house game-but likewise only if the French must be conspicuous once again.

You can eagerly anticipate the revenue from the European Cup at SC Freiburg, but the money blessing is when a little lower. In the 4-0 away sway FC Nantes on October 13, pyrotechnics had actually been melted in both fan blocks, and also Bowler had actually also been learned through Freiburg. The UEFA approved this accordingly on Friday.

The Brasher needs to pay 30,000 euros for the above, and also there are likewise an additional 15,000 euros for a supposedly intriguing poster. The sporting activities club endangers an away video game without fans: Freiburg may not sell tickets for the forthcoming visitor efficiency in the European Mug, why there is another occurrence of comparable nature. The penalty was exposed to probation for 2 years.

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