LOL: The small adjustment of the next patch that will change the lives of two bad champions

When we hear that a League of Legends champion is about to receive a buff, we probably think of statistics increases, such as more damage to a specific skill, faster movement speed or more life to increase victory rate. However, there are times when Riot Games makes better changes than these, something that will happen again in the next Patch 12.22. In addition to presenting MOB preseason 13, this update will include a small adjustment to Lillian and Hakan, whose effect can be much greater than it seems.

A unique change in the story of League of Legends


From the next update of LOL, Hakan and Lillian will be classified as Melee champions, i.e. melee attack, rather than distance fighters. This modification will not be accompanied by any adjustment in your reach, i.e., although they are considered melee instead of distance, will maintain their automatic attack range by 300 and 325, respectively.

In this sense, the adjustment is focused only on improving their performance with certain items that perform different performance based on the champions’ classification.

Hakan will increase its performance in the route phase and can get more support items that perform minions. These items slaughter minions with less than half of their life for Melee champions, while life is reduced to less than 30% for distance champions. This will make you easier for you, a player, to gain priority. It is an interesting change, although the best part of the change has been with Lillian. The champion will see her performance will become much better with the conquering rune and the demonic emace item-an increase in power whose effect can be very dangerous.

Lillian already takes advantage of these two elements in the game today, causing a lot of damage to the matches and having great use. In addition, it occasionally appears on the upper route, dominating a multitude of opponents and fighting some of LOL’s most fearsome characters. With this bonus, it can be really dangerous and one of the best champions of the game.

Anyway, Riot’s philosophy in recent times has been quite easy to understand. Long-term problems are first solved and then any balancing imbalances they may have caused are corrected. Hakan and Lillian are likely to begin preseason 13 as the most powerful champions of the game, but it is true that the developer will keep an eye on them to see if they can evolve.

Remember that this is the second time in the history of LOL that a champion has his classification changed in terms of automatic attack range. The first time this happened to Vern, who went to the other side of the thing, moving from Melee to attacker at a distance.

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