LOL: Was Riot Games making an error with buffs for alternative builds?

League of Legends has received in his last patches some of the strangest balancing adjustments we saw in the history of MOB. Riot Games did not want to improve the power of many of the characters who have received changes in recent updates. The intention was just to increase their performance with unusual builds, allow them to emerge in other positions and make them more fun. This is something to be praised, because the game lacks times when the competition is in the background. However, the project collapsed very quickly.

A good attempt by Riot Games, but with bad results

To exemplify the changes, just talk about the case of Blitz crank. A Riot Games employee with Nick Greaterbelugawhale was completely right to tell a community member that, seeing the changes in Patch 12.19, he found: Te’s adjustments are to make a total troll champion with a victory rate 30% becomes a bad character that wins 45% of the games. Of legends .

More than two weeks have passed since the Riot Games update introduced the buffs to Blitz crank Jungle and the Solo Route. Some adjustments that made the character appear in the jungle in 2.7% of ranked matches, winning 47% of them. In exchange for this small benefit, he became the fourth most banned champion in the game, being feared even at the highest echelons after maintaining a victory rate around 54.9% in the last 14 days (leading in counts versions games 12.19 and 12.20).

Doing the math, it is impossible to see at what point this is beneficial for the game . Not only is it not a good idea to turn blitz crank into a balancing nightmare so that 3% of players can use it with little effect, nor is it cool to allow certain champions to go to a certain position and then remove them when if you make a problem. It is something that throughout the history of League of Legends we have seen with Rumble or Morgan. Riot Games encouraged their presence in the jungle of these two champions to increase the possibilities with them, just to nerves them and make them no longer work so well in that position.

Something similar happened to Anshan. The champion was well-balanced, with a 50% victory rate in the medium links of the game, rising as the link increased. However, Riot Games introduced a buff to make the duration of its and (heroic impulse) unlimited. The situation gave rise to new bugs and although at first it seemed that it would only lead to not very effective strategies, now the champion can if solar the dragon and in just half a minute .

We must applaud the intention of Riot Games changes, as we are the first to go to normal games to buy a Mejia soul thief with Tam Bench, which was improved in Patch 12.19 without influenced the ranked matches. However, it is important for the developer to know the limits and be clear that League of Legends balancing should not be committed so that players can have fun with Blitz crank for two matches before moving to the next Troll choice.

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