Web 3 seen by SKT… The era of returning the rights to the creator

The biggest disadvantage of Web 2 is that the user-generated content belongs to the platform, not owned by users. The camp is talking about the web 3.

Jean Information Culture Industry Promotion Agency held the 2022 AI/BC Tech Trend Concert and gave a lecture on the theme of blockchain on the 20th. Chung Yeo-jin, a leader of the Blockchain and Certification Platform Development Team Leader, said, Web 3, a new era of Internet development.

Regarding the Web 3, Chung Yeo-jin, leader, introduced Internet services such as finance and game, based on decentralized infrastructure, governance, and economic system. Unlike the web 2, where the platform has the right to content, the platform can possess the right to the content created by individual users as it takes a way of distributing various authority.

Blockchain network layers and asset layers running on unchain, decentralized exchanges and smart contract layers with financing, and token economy and decentralized centralized rate organization (DAO) in the application layer with Apps and wallets do.

Chung Yeo-jin, a leader in the web 3, is to create a more open and autonomous protocol ecosystem that anyone can participate without infringing privacy and security. It will be an excellent alternative.

Blockchain is used as the default infrastructure of Web 3. Jung introduced the technology trend for the blockchain. Along leader said, Currently, many blockchain networks such as Ethereum and Avalon are continuously overcoming problems such as performance. This is a lot higher.

Layer 1 blockchain ‘Avalanche’, which is compatible with EVM while increasing scalability and performance, Layer 2 blockchain network ‘polygon’, a layer 0 cross chain communicator ‘polka dot’ ‘I heard the back as an example.

There is also an increase in APIs that can develop Damp without installing and operating blockchain nodes directly. ‘Infra’, which provides web 3 development infrastructure, address-based token transmission, dropped transaction, mining transaction, etc. We mentioned blocks cotes and Etherscanes that allow you to transparently check the transaction history of the blockchain infrastructure.

In addition, there are also JavaScript libraries such as Web 3.JS and Ether.JS, which help developers develop web 3 services, and blockchain development environment settings tools such as truffle and hard hat.

SK Telecom is also developing services by paying attention to the situation where the web 3 market is activated. Jung introduced ID cards, certificate inquiry and issuance app ‘Initials’. Chung said, We wanted to build a system that shares the subjects of 23 universities, but we have been contacting the initials because it is difficult to find an agreement for the system construction plan. The system was composed by handling through the chain network side.

He also mentioned the NFT Market ‘Top Port’. Top ports can be logged in through meta masks. Jung leader said, To support the problem that no one can solve if you lose a private key, we have linked the carrier’s identity verification function to keep one-third of the height in SK Telecom and to restore it when lost. And explained.

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