How to save in plague tale requiem

As in the case of the original game, the last title of the As hobo Studios developer presents an exciting story that you will not want to miss a second. To that end, here is How to save in a plague tale requiem so that it can be sure that it is exactly where he left it when he plays the next session.

It is always a bit disconcerting when there is no option to save or a clear indication that a game is automatically saving while playing.

Savings in a Requiem pest tale explained

However, fortunately, keeping your progress in plague tale requiem is not something you should worry since The game is automatically saved and very frequent intervals.

It is saved every time a new section of a level or enters a new room begins. In our experience playing throughout the game for review, we have not encountered any problem with the saved files that make us lose progress.

Actually, there is also no manual saving option, so basically everything you need to do is sit and relax with the automatic save function in mind while playing.

That is all you should know about How to save in a plague tale requiem . To get more useful information about the game, including the time it takes to complete it, seek or consult the related content detailed below.

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