Subculture, which is reasoning and reasoning, released on the 27th, Inorganic Mi

AIS NO GAMES announced that it will officially launch its subculture game ‘Inorganic Mid’ in Korea on October 27.

‘Inorganic Mid’, which began pre-registration on the 22nd of last month, attracted the attention of subculture fans with curious prisoners and unique worldviews. In addition to fascinating illustrations, the ambassadors who have revealed their personality, and famous voice actors such as Salmon Young, Someone, and Yo-yoing have completed the lively character.

All prisoners have hidden stories, and they should be close to them by discovering questions and presenting evidence. In addition, the player must take advantage of the intimate prisoners and take advantage of the special abilities that transcend the public to overcome various disaster situations and crises.


The characteristics of the subculture and the real-time strategic RPG elements were added to sniper the users’ tastes, ranking first in the Apple App Store popularity and sixth place in sales at the time of China’s launch in August.

More details about the game can be found on the pre-registration page, and you can participate in pre-registration in the pre-registration page, Google Play, and Apple App Store.

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