How to buy cars at Cyberpunk 2077

Class, speed and durability-distinguishing features of the best cars available in Cyberpunk 2077. There are many excellent cars in the Cyberpunk 2077, but it’s hard to say which one is the best.

This leadership on Cyberpunk 2077 will show you how to buy cars and help you choose the best cars in the game.

How to buy cars in Cyberpunk 2077

Vehicles can only be bought from repairmen at Cyberpunk 2077. See will receive a text message from repairmen in Night City, which reports that the vehicle is for sale.

In the section Magazine messages there is an image of a car. When you get an offer for a car, you must go to a certain place to buy it.

When you click on attractions on the tab, you will see the mission of the magazine that will tell you where to go. As soon as you found a car, you can buy it when you find yourself nearby.

You will receive a call from the car automatically. Holding the call button, you can view all the vehicles next to you. You will receive a text message from the fixer confirming the purchase. Several side tasks in the Cyberpunk 2077 also offer new cars.


In addition, you can find cars accidentally parked around Night City, waiting for you to lead them.

The best cars

Rayfield Caliber

Murk Man, Batman version in Night City, will give you this car for free as soon as you complete the mission. Ghost town. He has an all-wheel drive system and a crystal dome, and this is the best car in Cyberpunk 2077.

Quadrat Type-66

After reaching the 30th level of street loan and the presence of extra 73,000 euro-dollars, Dakota in barren lands will give you this car. In Badlands and Downtown Night City, this attraction is more than capable of not behind its unmodified analogues.

Seaman No. 21

You can get Remain no. 21 After the Apostrophe quest line is completed in Cyberpunk 2077. As for the style, this is cool. There is not a single posthumous one that will be impressed with this trip, but you should try for free.

Porsche 911 II (930) Johnny Sigmund

To get the Johnny Silly Suspend car at Cyberpunk 2077, you must complete the Chipping inside task. Even in Cyberpunk 2077, this masterpiece of centuries ago is still able to compete with the best.

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