Laser, Android game consoleLaser Edge released

On the 15th, Laser unveiled the new Android game console ‘Laser Edge’ through its own event ‘Cameron’, which introduces its new products.

The appearance of the laser edge is close to a typical bar smartph1. It is equipped with a controller laser kiss V2 Pro for its smartph1. As you can see from the Laser Fish V2 Pro, the laser edge can be removed from the controller similar to the Nintendo Switch. As you can also support the touch screen, you can enjoy the game in the way you want to enjoy the controller when you play a touch-based Android game and attach the controller only when you need sophisticated control.


The AP on the laser edge is the Snapdragon G3X GEN1, which was newly developed for mobile games in collaboration with Qualcomm. The outscore 3GHz Kirk CPU is a chipset with an active cooling feature that can be maintained high even if you play a game for a long time.

The RAM is an 8G LPDDR5 and the storage space is 128 GB. There is no high-capacity model, and it can be extended to up to 2 TB through the micros. The display is similar to the latest smartphones. AMOLED 6.8-inch FHD+ (2400×1080) supports 144Hz to support comfortable play. The battery capacity is 5,000mAh, the weight is 264g for the device alone and 401g when the controller is attached.

As it is an Android game machine, Android games are perfectly supported, and in addition to PC and Xbox, they can be enjoyed through cloud gaming services or streaming functions.

Laser Edge is available in three models: Wi-Fi model, 5G model and Founders Edition. There is little difference in hardware specifications for each model. It is safe to say that there is virtually no one except that the 5G chipset is installed in the 5G model. All models include the Laser Fish V2 Pro, and the Founders Edition only includes the 2021 laser hammer head trueless 2021.

Laser Edge is scheduled to be released in January 2023. The Wi-Fi model costs $399 (about 570,000 won) and the Founders Edition is $499, and the 5G model price is undecided.

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