The remake version DEAD SPACE is an EA title but can be played with Steam clients alone.

It has been found that the remake version of the remake Dead Space scheduled to be released in 2023 does not mention that it requires an Origin client unlike other Electronic Arts works.

The work that Electronic Arts publishes may require an ORIGIN client at startup, even if the title purchased at Steam. However, in the remake version DEAD SPACE, there is no notation on the Steam store page.

However, instead of a policy that all titles can be launched only with Steam clients in the future, for example, Star Wars Jedi: Survivor requires Origin Client and EA Account.

DEAD SPACE is a space survival horror work released in 2008. The main character, Isaac Clark, is on mission to repair the huge spaceship USG ISIMA, but the crew has been murdered, and faces the situation where the beloved partner Nicole is missing on board., Understand what is happening in USG ISIMA. This work, which has been fully made, gives an overwhelming immersive feeling with new graphics and real audio.

The remake version DEAD SPACE will be released overseas for PC (Epic Games Store/Origin/Steam)/PS5/Xbox Series X | S overseas.

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