This is how the 20th anniversary of Naruto anime is celebrated

October 3 is not only a special day for fans of heavyand full metal alchemist, since today the 20th anniversary of the Naruto anime is celebrated. That’s right, it was October 3, 2002, when the first chapter of the adaptation of Marathi Hashimoto’s work came to Japan television.

To celebrate this anniversary, Pierrot, an animation study that was in charge of this adaptation, shared a special video that gives us a quick look at the most important events of Naruto and Naruto Shipped . The best thing about this, is that here We see an animation more attached to the latest works of this team.

From the introduction of Naruto, through the Chain exams, to the fight against Nagoya. Along with this, the video is accompanied by the six most iconic songs of anime. Without a doubt, a great nostalgia trip that all fans of this ninja must see today.

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Way: Pierrot

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