Former professional wrestler Antonio Inokis death -GBA soft production and fighting game characters

Former professional wrestlers Antonio Ink (real name: Hiroshi Ink) reported that they died on October 1 for heart failure. He was 79 years old.

Antonio Ink, who is also known for the phrase 1, 2, 3, 3, DAR! Is a former professional wrestler who launched the New Japan Pro-Wrestling, and at the time, a stranger fighting with Mohamed Ali, who was a professional boxing unified world heavyweight champion. The war is famous as the battle of the century.

Mr. Antonio Ink has a character that has been a motif in professional wrestling games such as Victory Hisashi in the Fire Pro Wrestling series. The first ps fighting action Air Gaits is widely recognized as a fighting person, such as becoming one of the motifs of Dasher India. He is also a popular person in the PS2 title Fighting Soul Ink Road-Puzuru De Dirart!


In addition to games, Ink’s death, which was the motif of many characters appearing in manga and anime, makes me feel that one era has ended.

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