Where to find boom-lime in Slime Rancher 2

The greater the risk, the greater the reward, and a striking example of this are Boom Slides in Slime Rancher 2. Theses lines may not be so easy to collect and store, but they certainly cost the efforts spent, and we are going to tell you where you can do where you can Find Boom Slides and how to safely catch them in Slime Rancher 2.

SLIME Rancher 2 Location Boom-Slizi

Wandering the Slime Rancher 2 mucous world, you will encounter rather interesting slides, and some of them will even become creepy. Yes, Boom Slides is explosives lines that explode as soon as they reach a certain level.

Boom Slides has a good ratio of efforts and profits, and they should be collected and kept on their ranch. They are not so easy to find and assemble.

You will not be able to find boom-speakers next to your ranch. These special boom-strokes live in Amber Valley access to which can be obtained through a teleport.

To get to the teleport, go to rainbow fields and there you will find pink proud , guarding the entrance to the teleport. You will have to get rid of it before you can use a teleport.

To get rid of pink proudly, you need to make him explode, feeding him food. Since pinks limes are omnivorous, you can feed them anything.

Successfully getting rid of the pink proudly, stand on the crevice on the ground. He will shoot air, which will raise you up, and you can get to the rock on the left side.


On this rock there will be a teleport control elements that you can use to activate and get to the island of Amber for hunting for a boom line.

As soon as you get to the island, go to the extreme west of the island, where you will find in abundance this explosive mucus. The area should be easily noticed, since the volcano and a bunch of hazard signs will be everywhere.

A Patti proudly is also located in this area, so you should just look around, and you will see a boom-stroke that appear around the lava.

How safe to assemble Boom Slides

Boom Slime scan focus you if you are not careful, because they explode, which does not harm them, but this, of course, can kill you.

Be fast and collect them before they explode, or wait until they explode.

When they are about to explode, fiery crackling will shoot from their bodies, and they will be bright red, which indicates that they are about to explode.

In the usual state, they have a dim orange color, which indicates that there is still time before the explosion.

These Booms can be found in the area with lava, which can also harm you, so be careful.

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