Cookie Run: Kingdom, BTS Counts Count Down Time Table Release

**- · BTS Collaboration will be released.

-In the 24th Ticketing Experience Motive Preliminary Registration Site Opening, Payment of in-game items for participants

-In pre-registration participants BTS ‘yet to come’ in Susan ticket exchange event proceeds

Devise’s Development Studio Kingdom, a mobile RPG , has unveiled a collaboration timetable with the Global Superstar BTS (BTS).

announced the meeting between the two global IPs through the T-Jing Poster, which first predicts collaboration with BTS and various social postings.

In less than two years, the meeting of Cookie Run: Kingdom, which has surpassed 48 million cumulative users around the world and BTS, which emerged with the 21st century pop icon, predicts an expanded experience that two fandoms can enjoy together. It is gathering.

The timetable, which was released on the day, was based on the schedule of the artist’s debut and comeback. BTS’s ‘Butter’ album cover, which was released last year, used an object in the shape of a BTS logo, and in-game elements such as ‘Cookie Run: Kingdom’, and in-game elements such as popular NPC sugar, etc. were deployed.

According to the timetable, this collaboration will be held on October 13th, starting with pre-registration on the 24th, and on October 13th videos of BTS cookies, special photos and episodes. The October 6 schedule was marked with ‘???’, raising fans’ curiosity.

Concert ticketing concept collaboration pre-registration, in-game content notice and event linkage

This collaboration will be pre-registered through a site that will be opened separately from 24th to 3rd of next month. Since the collaboration concept is ‘BTS concert enjoyed in ‘, it is characterized by the progress to enjoy the experience similar to the concert ticketing when pre-registration.

There is also a special reward for users and fans who participate in pre-registration. First, in-game goods, which can be used in as the number of registrants, will be paid. If you achieve 3 million people, the highest target, 7,000 Crystals, BTS Collaboration 20 times, Braver Together! Concert information board decor and BTS balloons deck will be presented.


A total of 300 participants will be given a ticket exchange ticket for the 2030 Susan World Expo, which will be held in Susan, Korea on October 15th. Participants who have completed pre-registration and ticket exchange tickets from September 24 to October 3 will be presented with a lottery.

More details can be found in official Twitter and YouTube , Never Café .

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