Malfusha of Molfusha, a character with a feeling of thought or a sequel to worry about? Direct hitting interview with creator HINYARI9 [TGS2022]

Released on August 27, 2021, its dystopia world view and attractive characters. And the shooting game Manjusha of Solo , which has gained a hot topic in a heavy and sad story. The other day, a transplant from Playism to a home machine was announced.

GAMESPARK interviewed the Tokyo Game Show 2022, which developed the same work hinyari9 *. The Tokyo Game Show asked him for the first time to participate in this, an episode of the production process, the worldview that could be said to be the real pleasure of Marsha, and the sequel to Marsha.

◆ HINYARI9’s interview I wonder if it will be a story after Manjusha of Molt Iron

— First, please introduce a simple self-introduction.

HINYARI9: My name is HINYARI9, an illustrator and individual developer. Thank you. I like inorganic and decadent worldviews, and I am an illustrator and game developer to increase such content to the world.

―― Hinyari9 has heard that he was an illustrator and made Manjusha of Molt Gets from a state without game production. Fanboy has also been disclosed for a fumbling process for the following creators, but please tell us what was the most difficult.

HINYARI9: It was full of troublesome things, but it was the hardest thing… I was just a game-loving illustrator, so it’s only from the viewpoint of illustrators and games. And the amount of work that I could not estimate was the most difficult to be unclear.

Specifically, for example, when I wanted to make an enemy to jump. From the perspective of game fans and illustrators, I thought it would be nice if there were two jumping enemies and jumping functions. If you delve into the jumping function, it will be a function that contains various things, whether the foot is on the ground… what to do when the jump hits an obstacle. Until now, I realized that what I thought vaguely as a jumping function was actually based on a huge work.

-Please tell us about the episodes that you especially realized, I’m glad I made Manjusha of Molten.

HINYARI9: Until now, I was a person who had only been around the graphics as an illustrator, but in the development of this work, I touched everything from illustration and single picture to animation, programming, and sound. I was able to experience the ridiculous amount of work that did not appear on the table, so I became able to understand how great the game in the world was more than ever.

It was also a good experience that my specialty of illustration graphics showed a bird’s-eye view of how much work and what role it would have in the whole game production. Until now, illustrations and graphics were recognized as materials for games, but I wonder if it was valuable to be able to see the whole.

—In Manjusha of Molten Gets, its black worldview has been highly evaluated. I also liked it very much, and I felt that the sadness of a girl who had to have a weapon appeared. I am also impressed that the dictatorship itself has been very completed. Furthermore, I would be grateful if you could tell me when the atmosphere at the core was considered and how it was inspired.

HINYARI9: I am very honored to be able to focus on the world view because I wanted to make a game this time. It was a long time ago that I was thinking about the worldview of Marsha’s base, and it was 2016 six years ago. From that time, I was drawing a picture as a hobby, and in that, I was doing a series of production of expressing a characteristic world view with one illustration **. The world of Marsha was created with the idea of creating a unique world view with the theme of iron and heat that happened to be made in that.

When I started the game for the first time, I expanded my image based on the illustrations overlooking a castle-like building that appeared, and expanded the worldview by creating other illustrations and characters. It’s a so-called final composition… (laughs).

–thank you. By the way, why was Marsha a bakery girl?

HINYARI9: Some people know on Twitter, but they have respect for some games. The first is the reference source to make Marsha. There is a Chinese smartphone game called Dolls Front Line. There is a domain game before that game can be made… This time, a remake version will be released on Steam, but that was related to the protagonist and bread called Reverse Corps: Bakery Operation (laughs).

Further, tracing there, Valkyrie on the battlefield, where the hero holding the gun is warrior. The protagonist of the same work was also a bakery, so I made it from a simple thinking, The protagonist with a gun is a bakery **.

――It means that a kind of tradition of a girl with a gun has been inherited (laughs).

HINYARI9: I think it would be very interesting if this became a template and the same genre of the other genre was the main character (laughs).

-In the work, there are many attractive characters such as Marsha and Lacey Auditor. HINYARI9-san, who likes the most or a character who likes it the most?

HINYARI9: My favorite character is inferior and everyone likes it, but if I put it best in the sense of thinking, Enos blurred character I have quite a lot of thoughts.

It is the plainest character among the characters and does not know what he is thinking as a player. However, there is a place in a certain line, saying, I am doing my best as much as I can, but I was not able to get results, and I was not asked for the world. I have a lot of thoughts on the inside of that, because my experience as an author and various things I think may overlap.

-The True End of Marsha was something to imagine in various ways. I strongly expect the existence of the story after that. Is there a concept of the sequel to Manjusha of Molten Gets?

Hinyari9: I’m thinking about the sequel. I definitely want to make it, and I can’t talk about the content in detail, but I think it will be the same game size and Manjusha of Molly Gets . I am currently trying to produce that.

―― I am very happy personally beyond the frame of the interview.

HINYARI9: To be honest, I thought that Marsha would be a work that ends without anybody. I was going to end this with this, but thanks to everyone who supported me, I thought I’d make a sequel.

-Finally, please give a message to readers and users who are expecting the console version release.

HINYARI9: For home game consoles, the release of Manjusha of Molten Gets, I am very grateful as an author. I really didn’t expect it to be transplanted to home use at the time of production. I think that the story so far is thanks to those who played the Steam version, those who excite the distribution, creation, and Manjusha of Iron. Take this place and let me tell you the words of thanks. Thank you very much.

–Thank you for today!

Manjusha of Molt Gets is on sale at Steam. For Nintendo Switch/PS4/PS5/Xbox, it is scheduled to be released this winter from Playism.

Update (2022/09/17 20:20): Fixed article title. Thank you for pointing out.

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