My Hero Academia shows us a terrifying family reunion

My Hero Academia continues to advance in its manga section, having as a premise one of the last important arches, since things are currently complicated in the war of villains and heroes. And now, things are focusing a little more with Ibaraki Tour , who apparently hides a terrifying past.

Everything is presented in chapter 365 of the manga. At this time, the heroes are trying to save the life of Bakugo , but Ibaraki is determined that Bakugo dies regardless of the cost. In his frenzy, he unlocks a new part of his mutated power, and chapter 365 ends with the body of Ibaraki generating fleshy replicas of the dead family of him a long time ago.

This is what the villain says:

The more my body adapts to the legion of peculiarities stored inside, along with several environmental factors, my body is looking for its ideal form. I wasn’t broken at that time, but it’s not as if someone had struck me a hand to help me. It’s not as if someone looked at me!


Apparently the character’s obsession with the past has brought his family back, not in the most friendly way possible, but only then have we seen them. Without a doubt, many users will be disturbed when all this happens to the animated part. Same that will return to the month of October.

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