Lol: Prepare to know which teams arrive or stay in the lla

The promotion/relegation series to reach the Maximum Latin League begins today with two clashes that will give quota in the Latin American League, we will know if there will be two new members for the Opening Tournament or if the teams they are looking for Staying alive will achieve it, after very different tournaments the 4 squads seek to measure themselves with great force to be able to talk about the following year.

Starting with incubus that comes from being the team that demonstrated great performance during the South Regional, fighting with the best squads and managing Players such as Juandedios in the upper lane that has given great performance throughout the year accompanied by the experience of piques that seeks to reach the maximum scenario for the first time.

His rival will be Ten who has not had the best performance in the last tournaments, but now he seeks On the other hand, Korean imports are and Kane are quite strong in the fights per team, so the challenge of the Peruvian squad will be complicated.

On the other hand The Kings consolidated in the Honor Division as the strongest squad and in the North Regional made the rivals fall phenomenal, arriving as one of the favorites to ascend with players like Matey That has been very constant with his performance to support his companions who would give him several MVP, with a combination next to Rainbow ** that show great potential in the face of his next confrontation.

Having Glob ant Emerald as his respective rival who painted to be a very experienced squad but did not give the width within the competition now he will have to claim, with LEMON in the jungle that will be the challenge before the kings to define The opportunities for either side, on the other hand White lotus and Newbie will be great contenders for the confrontation in the lower lane.

Just a few hours after starting the greatest challenge that glory can give to the teams that come from the national leagues or give redemption to the squads that seek not to fall from the step, now it is only possible to see that teams manage to give the best in the best Of five that are coming, all the transmission can be seen through the official networks of the LA.

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