Lenovo, issuing ESG annual report and green bonds for sustainable vision

Lenovo, a global service and solution provider, published the 16th annual ESG report (fiscal year 2021/2022) to announce its progress and performance.

Lenovo is an annual ESG report that increases the circulatory economy through closed-loop processes, achieves short-term goals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, awards related to work-employment, and record-scale charity investments in the global community around the world. The back has been released.

Yuancing Yang Chairman and CEO of Lenovo said, As the global environment changes rapidly, the need for smart innovation and responsible business operations is increasing. We are doing our best to provide the vision of support of the global economy, one of the biggest challenges in human history.

Lenovo has expanded its participation in the circulation economy by using new types of recycling materials such as magnesium, aluminum and marine plastics. The proportion of closed loop regenerative plastic products that recycled electronics was increased from 103 to 248.

In addition, the company established a vision of achieving Netero by 2050 in fiscal year. Lenovo’s goal of reducing carbon emissions to achieve Netzero is currently reviewing the science-based reduction target initiative (SBTI). In 2021, Lenovo participated as a Net-Zero Standard load test company of SBTI, providing a standardization test and feedback that is very important to Netzero’s goal.

In addition, Lenovo unveils the progress of its 2030 carbon reduction targets, including 15% reduction in carbon direct emissions (scope 1) and indirect discharge (scope 2), and carbon intensity across the value chain corresponding to Scope 3. It also revealed that it is working closely with suppliers to reduce it.

In addition to eco-friendly management, Lenovo has achieved prominent achievements in terms of inclusive work environment. Bloomberg’s Gender Equality Index Excellent Company, Human Rights Campaign (HRC) The Best Company’s Best Company was selected as the best workplace in the disability inclusive category evaluated by 100 points and Disability: IN (Disability: IN) for five consecutive years.

In the marginalized community, charity and investments were also prominent to expand STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) education opportunities. In 2022, the company donated $ 21 million to the global community, and broke the global charity record of its global charity, and included the talent donation of Lenovo employees, which corresponds to about $ 3 million, for a total of $ 24 million. The reach has achieved a charity effect.

Meanwhile, Lenovo recently issued its first green bond (Green Bond) to accelerate these sustainability goals and business strategies. A total of $ 1.25 billion, a dual-trache debent of green bonds, was issued at $ 625 million and 10 years.

This green bond issuance is the main achievement of the Lenovo ESG strategy for the 2050 Netzo Vision, and Lenovo plans to invest in a more smarter and sustainable future for everyone by investing in projects and initiatives to achieve ESG goals..

For more information on the Lenovo annual ESG report and green bonds, please visit the Lenovo Story Hub.

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