The prohibited versions of Super Mario that Nintendo does not like: the wonderful world of mod

Mario The most iconic Nintendo figure. And it could be said that of the video game industry. From the era of the 8 bits to the present, the Games of the Bigotudo plumber have been acquiring quite bizarre mods, some of which change the appearance of our favorite plumber.

The idea attracts fans, but the truth is that Nintendo does not like this practice very much: it must be recognized that the Japanese giant tends to demand at all costs when it comes to their intellectual properties. After all, Mario is a conventional hero.

Super Mario Odyssey-A new image

Although the 2017 title is exclusive to Nintendo Switch , there are still alternative ways to execute a game on the PC. And when that happens, the chances of mods appear are quite high… and that is what happened with Super Mario Odyssey .

Mario without a mustache

It seems that after years wearing a mustache, Mario has decided to give him a washing for his appearance and, for some unknown reason, he is frankly scary.

At the same time, it must be said that the Italian plumber has not changed appearance since the 80s.

Mario Tattado

This mod allowed to offer a small booty to Mario by giving several tattoos that represent elements of the Mario games in his body, and we must recognize that it gives a rather great appearance.

Mario Plant

If you have ever played a Mario game, you know what plants we are talking about. This mod allows you to adopt the appearance of a kind of piranha plant **, but does not change the game mode.

Mario Shrek

The writing has chosen not to comment on this mod. Thanks for your understanding.

Mario naked

Keep in mind that the image is then censored, and the original mode in question certainly does not blur at all.

Mario Zombi

To end the modifications of Super Mario Odyssey, we decided to save you a little. This mod presents a change in Mario’s appearance, but instead of being naked, or worse, Shrek, this is dead in life .

Mario 64-The most unexpected gameplays

Even today, some players claim that Mario 64 is one of Mario’s best games of all time. It is obvious that it will not escape the most unusual mods.

For Mario 64, we will focus instead on two mods that alter the game .

Horror Mario-Terror of Survival in the First Person

Unlike the modifications of Super Mario Odyssey above, ** This can be downloaded right now. While you weren’t, while you protect yourself from Princess Peach’s ghost sinister.

First person shooting games

The FPS version of Mario reminds a bit of the ultraviolent version of the game that we talked a few days ago, since enemies tend to explode in blood when you kill them.

Unfortunately, the discharge link of this mod does not work, so it seems that Nintendo has already taken these steps to eliminate the content.

Here is our little selection of prohibited marios. Which one did you prefer? Do you know other extravagant modifications in a Mario game? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments.

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