They create joy-with that is used with one hand

Since video game controls exist, there are usually companies that carry out their own versions to license them with companies and thus put them on sale. This also happens with fans, only in this case is done for experimental purposes, and just a new and interesting design of the Joy-Con was just created.

The user known as Akaki Kuumeri , created a way to use these separate nintendo controls with one hand, this in order to adapt to all kinds of players in the world. It is a kind of accessory that connects to the controls, and makes the task of moving characters in different games is a little simpler.

Here the video of your entire process:


It is worth noting that this accessory is on sale, this for a little more than 170 pounds, and although it is a somewhat expensive price, it is not only functional for the joy-with Nintendo Switch . Well, there are also versions for PlayStation and Xbox , so left-handed users or who have suffered an accident, can play without problem with one hand.

It is worth mentioning that the user created these devices based on the little empathy of Sony for creating accessibility to their games, so he got to work to create this project.

Vía: IG

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